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My SD Cards are all Write Protected - Why?

We now have a handful of SD cards in our household, as all our cameras use the same format. I've just had a birthday and my husband bought me a digital photo frame to view all our favourite pics on.

The problem is, it requires a memory card (takes quite a few types) to be inserted to view photos from. I have been trying to drag and drop images from the PC onto an SD card, through my All-in-one printer's card reader, an external USB card reader and even through a camera, but whatever I try, I get this "Write protected" window and it refuses to put any images onto a card. I have tried 4 differnet SD cards, varying from 256MB to 2GB in size.

Why is this? How can I change the settings to allow transfer of images onto a card? I even purchased a brand new card that had never been put in a camera and it still won't allow images to be put onto it.

This is very frustrating. I'm sure there must be a solution, and I really hope someone on this forum can help me out. Surely it's not just one way traffic with these cards? I always thought they were meant to be a form of data storage if needed to be?

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they have a little slider on the side.

If you look at the card with the "sliced corner" top right then the slider is on the other long edge about 5mm from the top.

Forward is write enabled, back is write protected

What is really silly about this system is that if you push the card in slightly off centre it is incredibly easy to "lock" them and the little slider is really well hidden


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Thank you both so much. Yesterday I bought a 2gig SD for my new GPS and paid $30 thinking it was only for audio books so I could buy a cheapie. Got it home and it would not accept anything from my Mac. Took it to my daughters and tried it on a PC which kept saying "write protected". I'm thinking there are no deals in this world.
But I read this thread and hey presto now I have a GPS that reads books to me.
Thanks again.
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