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Photo Accessories (Lenses, Tripods, Flash etc) This is for all those "extra's" we all want to improve our photography. Lenses, Tripods, Flashguns, Lightmeters, Filters and the like. If it fits on a camera, or helps take better pictures then this is where it belongs.

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580 & pixel king issue?
I have the pixel kings now myself but no 580 to test it on.
The manufacturers site say they work together.
There are some firmware updates, though I've not done any myself yet. Perhaps worth a try?

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Thumbs down Nissin Di866

Only just picked up this thread. Until 24th May 2013 I would have agreed about everything said about the Di866 but 24/5 was the day, just over 2 years since purchase, my Di866 died in unceremonious fashion. It seems that the main board has failed and it's not economically viable to repair. Council dump, here I come!

I would be interested to hear from anyone else with a similar experience.

Great forum.

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Update: Lights, Camera, Action

Hiya all,

Just a quick update to this thread I started earlier this year.

I have made some further progress to building up my lighting kit and this weekend purchased an Elemental Genesis 9 MK2 Studio Lighting kit consisting of:

3 x studio flash units: 2 x 250 and 1 x 400
3 x bulbs
3 x flash heads
1 x hexagonal soft box
3 x studio lighting stands
3 x leads for flash
radio transmitter for wireless flash use
reflector (white/gold/silver/black)
2 x studio umbrellas (white/silver)
1 x portable carry case
1 x background stand
1 x white sheet

I am so excited about this new venture of progressing my photography further. As I mentioned in an earlier post here I was hoping to have the outside sheds converted into a studio this summer. Unfortunately the build hasn't happened yet, but I am making some enquiries regards the project and hopefully some time soon I will have that all sorted and set up.

In the meantime I will be learning as much as I can about studio lighting so I am prepared for when the studio is established.

If anyone has any tips, tricks, trade secrets I will be all ears to hear and learn.


I know I'm in my own little world, but it's ok, they know me here. (It's not necessarily about the equipment you have; more importantly it's about how you use it!)
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I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with it!
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