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Food & Gardening This is for anything relating to food especially growing your own. If enough interest is shown in the cooking & recipe side of things we will separate that later and giveit its own section.

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That Time Of Year

That Time Of Year when we have to start thinking of this years garden and fruit Veg & Flowers that we may grow this coming year.

In the UK it is the right time to be looking for compost and seed before Easter when all the prices seem to Rocket.

I thought of this subject earlier today when I was in Alde's and saw there seed at a price of 39 pence I have in the past bought from Lidies ( BAD Spelling ) Sorry.

I hope I make my point now's the time to spend to save on the garden
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Thanks for this info, I'll pass it on to my dad who has an allotment (which he is prepping at the moment for the Spring).

BTW .... took some photos around the allotment yesterday which I will be posting photos of later tonight.


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