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Photography Discussions (Talk about anything related to photography) Talk about photography and pass on those Techniques, Tips and Tricks to help one another? Know an event with interesting photo opportunities share it here! (Don't forget to mention what country they are in)

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Just goes to show...?

Well... it just goes to show and reinforces what I already know that DD is an absolutely brilliant forum.

I was looking through other photography forums on the net one in particular which I wont mention by name except to say that it is aimed at people who are "amateur photographers"?

Looking though some of the post.... well..... to say that it is clicky would be an understatement!

A shot from one poor member on there which I saw was totally ripped apart and if I say was basically verbally abused.

The shot was a lovely shot of a child (I take it was theirs) playing in the snow. It was obviously a snap family shot, which I personally thought was fine. (good lighting not over exposed etc), but this poor photographer was ripped to bits because the child wasn't looking into the camera?

The phrases like "It was a shame you took the photo while his back was turned. It was up to you to spot what would make a good shot, not him", and that was just one comment?

When will SOME people realise that not everyone are professional photographers and most of us ME INCLUDED are still on a steep learning curve.

IMO ridiculous and unnecessary comments like the one above is a sure fire way to kill any enthusiasm in photography.

I just wanted to point out that Rebel has made a FANTASTIC forum with amazing members who are always in my experience supportive, constructive and helpful in all aspects of photography.

Well done to Rebel and all here for a truly great forum run and used by real people who have a real passion for photography and the art!

Rant over

A photograph is a moment of time captured forever.
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I know and agree with what you're saying Craig, some people on some forums make a habit of making such comments knowing they can get away with it however much it affects the photographers feelings, confidence or ability! That's the reason I stick to DD, you get constructive criticism and help when you ask for it and not put down for the lack of ability or know how, so yes 3 cheers for Rebel and DD members for a truly friendly forum.
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Absolutely Rob, I have been here since 2011 and I have to say I have enjoyed every moment of it.

I know Rebel will modestly say its the members which make a forum and yes it's true but... IMO it's Rebel's and the other admins and mods vision of how the site should and is run that make DD what it is today!

If people look at what photography forums are out there and compare them to DD again IMO nothing comes close to DD in it's quality of members, admins and mods.

So Rob, I'm with you my friend... 3 Cheers for DD!

A photograph is a moment of time captured forever.
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Thanks for your comments guys I do appreciate them!

As some of you will know I had experience of other forums where I was also the administrator and saw first hand how easily people could be discouraged from their hobbies and worse made to feel inferior and when I started my own site I was determined that would never happen here.

In this instance I will actually take some credit and say thankyou as I did have the specific intention of keeping this site as friendly and laid back as possible and we have always stamped out hard any incidents that have threatened the atmosphere we have created at DD.

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I love this forum, because you have been so welcoming and encouraging in the month or so that I've been here.

I'm so glad I've not had comments like that, because I'd have gone and would possibly be questioning my ability to photograph.

People need constructive criticism, not being trodden on.

Thanks guys for all your support and this wonderful forum!
You are never to old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream.

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A huge pat on the backs of all DD members. I've commented previously of the warmth and family friendly atmosphere here and I hope this continues for many moons into the future. Barry has an approach here that suits, yes, there's been the odd incident but on the whole I think all members and visitors alike share his attitudes toward the way in wich we critique one another and this leads to a. ery successful on line photographic home. :-)
Always on a learning curve
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Welcome to my front room.
Never been afraid to bring the Grand kids in here.


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I find It amazing when I sit down and think about it how much time I spend on DD

I find myself logging on first thing in the morning and I seem to be on here most evenings too lol

My wife (Kim) has now started to have a look around the forum and is currently looking to, hopefully join tonight

She now realises why I spend so much time on here and what a great friendly place it is.
Her biggest fear I think is that she isn't good or know enough to join a photography forum? but like I told her yesterday we all start somewhere and... there isn't a better place to learn and make friends than DD!

A photograph is a moment of time captured forever.
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I've been here since 2003 and just want to echo the thoughts already well expressed.
Bill Shinnick
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Its a good balance here.
Its friendly.
With the pics for pleasure and the main image posting section, there is a clear line for constructive criticism.

I'm an analytical person. I always break down my own images into why something works and why it doesnt, and then try to improve. I believe in the pursuit of excellence in everything I do.
That process of analysis and the resultant feedback is something I try to give in the main photography section. And knowing thats fundamentally who I am, is why I never stick my head into the pics for pleasure section.

The op's described image clearly falls into the latter category and is one that tugs on the togs personal heartstrings. That's brilliant. That's what a good photo should do.
But when you put a photo out to the world, in a forum that asks for constructive crit, you are looking to find the best compromise of something that will tug on the heartstrings of billions of people.

Maybe those other sites need to copy DD's format.
Maybe Reb needs to patent it first!!!!
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