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1dsmk11 or 5dmk11

HI guys iwant to up grade to a full frame camera i like the 1dsmk11 and the 5dmk11 i like landscapes but dont know which one to go for im looking for sharpness and colour saturation can you help to decide which one ihave a 40d which iwill keep as a back up camera also i would like to blow up about a3 size without loss of detail would that be possible with these cameras.thank you STEVE51
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Hi Steve
I personally had the chance of a 1D Mk II just before Xmas and the deciders for me not to buy was the Weight, screen & sensor size, and also it has no live view.
I have a 7D so the main advantage to me over the 7D is the f/5.6 AF restrictions on a none Pro body.
So I personally would go for the 5d MkII for those reasons.
Whatever you chose to do If you buy at the right price and feel its the wrong decision you should be able to recoup most all of your cost if you sell it on quickly.

Regards Ian

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A lot will depend on what you want to photograph. The 5d2 is a superb full frame camera and will do anything that the 1d will do and more, however it isn't built as tank like as the 1d so if you want to go out in the rain I'd give the 5d2 a miss. If your after pure picture quality go for the 5d2.

I have a 1d3 and. 5d2 both have plus points.
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re 1ds/5dmk11

THANKS chris h and superbrad.i take on board what you say i didernt relize how heavey the 1dsmk11 .was. but to heavey for me so im going with the 5dmk11 so thank you for the info.steve51
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